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Wednesday, December 1, 2010



My Thanksgiving went great we ended up going to my Mom and Dads house after my mom got out of work. She had the Turkey and everything else already cooked Our job was to cook the Potatoes so Josh was on that because i don't know know how he does it but man are they GREAT! 
Tatum loved turkey she was so exited to go over and eat lots of yummy food.
Jaelee had her bottle for food this year but next year she will be able to taste all the goodness of the meal!....OK i did sneak her a taste of mashed potatoes and a taste of pumpkin pie and yes she did like them i know it :) 
over all it was a great time i was super full 
My beautiful family My wonderful husband to be he truly is the best out there he really does help me out so much with our girls and our house, he is such a hard worker and even when he is sick and  not feeling well at all!! he still pushes through and goes to work because he wants to take full care for our family. My girls are my world i can't imagine my life without them wow only 4 years ago i did not have kids saying it makes it seem like longer but thinking it makes it seem like it was yesterday, i am so glad they are a part of my life. Tatum has already grown up into a little women she is so much fun and is learning so much in this stage of her life she wants to be just like mommy and daddy, and i think that is the cutest thing ever! she loves her baby sister so much and has had not one bit of jealousy with her! baby Jaelee is such a gift to our family she has not only made Tatum a happy sister but she has brought Josh and myself closer together we now are a family of 4. 5 if you add our puppy Dozer (3 months old) I totally count him as a family member.
Jaelee has been such a great baby so far she is always so happy and has a smile on her little face all the time! She only cries when she is hungry she loves her sleep and that is OK with me :) I love holding her in my arms and looking at her! soaking up all this time because i know it is going to be gone like that. baby stages do not last that's for sure.... I am thankful for my Mother Father and Sister for always being such a huge part of my life and always being there for me in times of need i know i can always count on them to be there for me, although they might not agree with every decision i make i know that they will always love me. I am thankful for my husbands family Tawnya Ashlee and Codianne Nuttall. They are so great to me and always think to include me in things they do and they are always there for me to talk to. I love his sisters and mother and Step dad so much they really are a big part of my life and i am glad i get to be a part of there family forever :) 

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