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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few crazy days in our house... let me explain

Ok so let me begin by saying i'm sorry for not getting on here daily i did not know i would be so busy lol here i thought ohhh my life is simple and i don't really do much right now...... I have now realized that i do have stuff i do throughout the day allll day lol...

So a few days ago i was in my room and my daughter and my dog who is a English mastiff where playing like they do everyday and Tatum was of course being a little to rough with the dog had a baby doll in her hand and swinging it around dozer missed the doll and got her little arm instead not in a mean way but out of PLAY he is a 14 week old boy mastiff who is already close to 50lbs 
she then started to cry as i ran in the room wondering what was going on grab the dog and shove him out of the play room 
Tatum had a very small hole on the top of her wrist and one very small hole on the bottom it did break skin and was bleeding so i took her in the bathroom and got her fixed up with like 5 band aids and all and she then told me she was all better. She went into the front room and saw dozer laying on the floor and went up to him and gave him a kiss. Silly girl 
they both being young were playing to hard together i then realized then that he was not harmless lol he did have sharp puppy teeth so now i am watching them super close. 
My hubby was not going to stand for it at all though play biting or not because he has told me that when you go down to pet him while he is eating his food he becomes very protective of it and growls at you and barks like a warning to you to STAY AWAY.... 
at this time we don't have the money to work with him on being good and we really just don't want anything to happen to our kids when he gets bigger so we decided as a family that we were going to find him a different home so i put him online and that night i found him the PERFECT HOME! 

So he will be leaving us tomorrow and i am sad but knowing he is going to a great home makes me happy :) so i gotta keep my head up ! 

We love dogs and wanted to see if we could find something that was going to fit better for us and so we have been looking around and we have decided on two wonderful dogs that love each other and our family and have (0%) aggressive attitudes. One is a Mini Dachshund that is about 14 weeks old and the other is a 17 month old female boxer. Who fits perfect with us :) We are pleased with both of them! So with a sad there is a happy also.. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today i took some pictures of my girls be sure to follow my Photography Blog

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My Thanksgiving went great we ended up going to my Mom and Dads house after my mom got out of work. She had the Turkey and everything else already cooked Our job was to cook the Potatoes so Josh was on that because i don't know know how he does it but man are they GREAT! 
Tatum loved turkey she was so exited to go over and eat lots of yummy food.
Jaelee had her bottle for food this year but next year she will be able to taste all the goodness of the meal!....OK i did sneak her a taste of mashed potatoes and a taste of pumpkin pie and yes she did like them i know it :) 
over all it was a great time i was super full 
My beautiful family My wonderful husband to be he truly is the best out there he really does help me out so much with our girls and our house, he is such a hard worker and even when he is sick and  not feeling well at all!! he still pushes through and goes to work because he wants to take full care for our family. My girls are my world i can't imagine my life without them wow only 4 years ago i did not have kids saying it makes it seem like longer but thinking it makes it seem like it was yesterday, i am so glad they are a part of my life. Tatum has already grown up into a little women she is so much fun and is learning so much in this stage of her life she wants to be just like mommy and daddy, and i think that is the cutest thing ever! she loves her baby sister so much and has had not one bit of jealousy with her! baby Jaelee is such a gift to our family she has not only made Tatum a happy sister but she has brought Josh and myself closer together we now are a family of 4. 5 if you add our puppy Dozer (3 months old) I totally count him as a family member.
Jaelee has been such a great baby so far she is always so happy and has a smile on her little face all the time! She only cries when she is hungry she loves her sleep and that is OK with me :) I love holding her in my arms and looking at her! soaking up all this time because i know it is going to be gone like that. baby stages do not last that's for sure.... I am thankful for my Mother Father and Sister for always being such a huge part of my life and always being there for me in times of need i know i can always count on them to be there for me, although they might not agree with every decision i make i know that they will always love me. I am thankful for my husbands family Tawnya Ashlee and Codianne Nuttall. They are so great to me and always think to include me in things they do and they are always there for me to talk to. I love his sisters and mother and Step dad so much they really are a big part of my life and i am glad i get to be a part of there family forever :) 



Friday, November 26, 2010



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

R.I.P Kevin Mcdaniel

A few days ago i found out that a good friend of mine had passed away. His name was Kevin Mcdaniel he was such a happy guy super hyper and always cracking jokes at people or himself. he and i knew each other ever since we were young we would go to Classic Skating Roller Skating Rink as kids, And Snowball together lol. 
I had got married in 03 and had not heard from him until late in 2004 where we met up again at a friends house, my friend had mentioned Kevin was going to be there. I was so exited to see him again he had always been a good friend. When i got there and walked out back to see him he gave me a huge hug and we started to talk about life. 
We stayed close from then on because of the friends we hung out with 
We decided to start dating and see where i took us, So we started to hang out more going camping in the middle of nowhere, (sleeping in the back of his truck) i was so cold that night lol! to going to the bars on weekends to hanging out at friends house's 
We would be over at friends houses and want to just be alone so we would go out to his truck and just listen to music and talk it was nice he was never to forward with me because he knew i just got divorced. It did get more physical as time went on and it kinda made things weird for us so we decided to just be close friends, and i was totally fine with it. We then again went our seperate ways and he ended up getting into trouble quite often, and would call me here and there wanting me to pick him up from Chili's because he had been drinking so i would, i had no problem lol. 
last i knew he had settled down with a Great girl and they had a Beautiful baby boy that i believe is less than a year now. And i was so happy for him to be Cleaned up and Happy again! 

3 days ago i got a text message from a girlfriend of mine saying that he has passed away in his sleep. I asked her how and this is what she had told me.
"Kevin had been in a car crash with a friend and had to have a few surgeries on his brain he was ok but was never the same old Kevin, she said "i think his brain and heart had to much to take anymore. he talked to nick (her hubby) the night before it happened and he was saying he was not feel to good, next thing she knew he had passed away..." 
 his girlfriend found him the next day. :(
My heart goes out to his girlfriend Vivian and there little boy and his family at this time as it will be hard for them, please keep them in your prayers that they will stay strong knowing he is still in there hearts and is watching over them always. Vivian has a piece of Kevin still in her little boy every time she looks at him i hope she can find peace. knowing he is in heaven and they will see each other again someday. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Last night we had some friends come over to watch the fights it was a lot of fun we had a total of 10 guests at our house. we ate Pizza and had some Chips and Candy & Drinks! 
The girls made grape punch mix and vodka and can i just say how good it was. You could not even taste the alcohol at all! 
the boys had bloody Mary's and shots of Tequila. 
Overall it was a fun night after the fights the boys played 31 and smoked some Hukah :) Good times! 


Today the Steelers and the Raiders are playing. I know this is weird but i like the Utes, i have always been a Utes fan!! But when it comes PRO teams i have to go off of what they are wearing if i like there colors i will prob go for them lol or if there is a cute player on the team lol :) 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

All about last night!


It was a great night i am glad that i got to go my mom went with me she has been dedicated to zumba for about a year now i am so proud of her. My little sister has gone quite i few times too i wish she could go with us more often but she now works. It really feels like a family in zumba everyone is so nice and so caring of everyone! I loved last night with friends and i love ZUMBA!! 

Friday, November 19, 2010



So today was weigh in for me and i wanted to talk a little about my before baby's weight first.
Before i had kids i was tight and tone and i was weighing in at 145lbs that was a good size for me ya i prob could have been a little smaller but for my body it was normal weight.
after i had my 1st baby i got up to 190lbs and after i lost the baby weight i stayed around the weight of 170 to 175lbs. When i got pregnant this last year right before i had her i reached my highest weight of 200lbs. now i am proud to say that i am back down to...............*167lbs* that is lower than my last weight after baby #1. So if i lose 42lbs my goal weight is 125lbs but i would settle for 130lbs. So follow me and watch me shrink because baby today is the day it all starts :) i am dedicated and i am ready to be healthy. please let me know if you are doing a weight loss challenge as well. Tell me your goal weight and the things you are going to do to get there!  

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Man oh man does my zumba instructor give me a good workout i love it. I go 2 times a week right now although i would love to go more! I started it about 2 months ago and i am already doing it full out in an advanced class! 
The class i go to starts at  8:30pm to 9:30pm i have to drive 30min there and 30min back each time. But it is soooo worth it i sweat and i love doing it because it really does not feel like a workout AT ALL!! 
My weigh in day is tomorrow i have not been doing very good but we shall see what the scale says in the morning. keep a lookout as i will be posting my starting weight when i had my last baby girl 3 months ago and my current weight as of TOMORROW! thanks everyone have a great rest of your night.

Last years snow up American Fork Canyon




Christmas was always my favorite holiday i loved knowing it was coming i would count down days and i would love helping my mom put up all the decor,  it was tradition to put up the tree as a family and when i was younger we always got a REAL one! so that was fun! My family would always have the treat plate with cookies and milk & carrots for Santa and his reindeer's on Christmas Eve!  We would get my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins all together on Christmas eve and we would all have a dinner together and then go look at Christmas lights. While we were out we would all listen to the radio broadcasts that would let us kids know where Santa was so we knew when we needed to go home to go to bed! All of us cousins would love the lights but mostly be on the lookout for Santa to fly by! After the lights we would all go our separate ways home and put out our goodies for Sants before bed,Us kids would go get our pj's on and then My Mom, Dad & Sister and i would all watch a movie (Christmas vacation) or (the Santa clause) and as we watched the movie each year all of the sudden we would start to hear (THE BELLS!!) (it was Santa.) he was finally here! I have so many home videos of me and my sister freaking out over the bells and us running to the windows to see if we could see him. I have to admit i did get a lil more freaked out than my little sister! but it was so fun to have those videos to look back on now as i am grown up with kids of my own! 
The bells were our Q it was bed time so my mom and dad would take me and Amanda my sister up to bed and they would read us Twas the night before Christmas. and we would fall asleep (or try to) I never got to much sleep Christmas eve knowing that when i woke up, the Miracle of Christmas would be around our tree! I would always wake up so early (4am ish) and as soon as i saw the gifts were under the tree that meant it was time to wake up and open them! i would go down with my sister first and then go wake up mom and dad then they would call my grandma and grandpa and they would come over to watch us open our gifts! (what troopers to come so early some of the years). When we would get downstairs there would be the cookies half eaten and the carrots nibbled on and the milk almost gone, and that special letter Santa himself would leave for me and my family letting us know how he has been watching us throughout the year and telling us to be good and listen to our parents because this next year he would be watching us until he came again :) Every year we would film the event from us coming downstairs to us opening up our gifts to us eating our Christmas breakfast after it all (french toast) mmmm. 
We always got together with my whole family Christmas day for a dinner most of the time at my aunts house. and me and my cousins would play with our new toys! 
Christmas is such a special time for me as each year the memories of Christmas come pouring into my head. 
As i end this post i wanted to also say these days times have changed and my whole family has somewhat drifted away from each other. You see my grandma passed away about 8 years ago and since then things have never been the same we all seemed to lose a little bit of the spirit as us kids have now have grown up we are not as exited as we used to be. We have not all gone to look at lights in years and we have not had a Christmas eve dinner all together either and if we do people end up just going home after, without looking at lights. if it was not for someone special each year we prob would not hear the bells either, but i am so glad that i do because it always seems to bring back the most special memories i have had as a child. I am so blessed that i still have that to keep with me. although it will never be the same just knowing each year the bells will never let me down keeps my  Christmas spirit alive! And now it is something i can pass down to my girls and family. I want to thank my Mom and Dad for making this holiday the most special for me growing up, even though things are not the same i know you all will be there to make it special for all of us each year. 
*in loving memory of my Grandma Elsie Beth foutin & Nana Vivian* 
there is not a day that goes by that you both are not with me i love and miss you both so much!! 

So much to do plan for So little time.....

wow is there a lot to do or is it just me..

Gosh it seems like there is a lot to do these days for me i am hardly home at nights if its not zumba its Photo Shoots if not those its something else :) i really don't mind but with the holidays creeping up its all starting to be deadlines. 
I have 5 shoots lined up before the end of December i cant wait for them because they will all be fun i have a huge family shoot i am doing on BLACK FRIDAY for a close friend of mine. And i got some cool things lined up for it too!

On black Friday i am going shopping with some friends at like 2am wow looks like i will be going to bed at like 8pm at the latest i hope i can fall asleep lol. Although i don't have much money for that day it will still be fun just to get together and hang out! Because i don't get to see them to often so i will take what i can get.

I have (zero) Christmas shopping done o.m.g can i just tell you this is the most stressful thing lol and with bills that need to be paid and stuff that needs fixing i don't know how we will do it but it always seems to work out so i am exited i know of a few items i will be asking (Santa) for so i am exited. I mostly am exited for my 2 kids Tatum who is 3 in February is going to love Christmas this year i would not care if i got NOTHING for Christmas just to watch my girls enjoy it would make my whole day! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Its not what i want to do by any means but it needs to be done i feel like i have been going a little then stopping and going then stopping again... oh man do i just need to keep on top of it. Ok so question when you listen to music does it help you work faster or keep doing what you are doing at that time? I know it helps me i like listening to any good moving song to get me going with my day (cleaning house) I know i am pretty exited for Christmas music to come on hehe! i love listening to it in the car at home really anywhere. I have a TON of wash that needs to be done also ohhhhh man i don't mind doing the laundry its just putting it all away lol. 

So yesterday of all days was not to good for me at least with my 2 year old lol, let me explain.
i don't know if she is just needing more attention or if she is getting board but she was on one
 She was in watching a movie (or so i thought) come to find out she found a permanent marker and decided to color all over the top of my coffee table.... So i put her in timeout for 2 min and then explained why she was put in timeout, she than said she would not do it again....
She was in my room playing with the dog and me on the floor and she all the sudden yells out    "OH MY GOD" 
i quickly look at her and say "What did you just say"? she then looks at me all shy and says it super soft.. I look her in the eyes and tell her " we don't say that Tatum that is a BAD word " she looks back at me and says "OK MOMMY". Ahhhhhhh kids (guess i better watch what we say around her lol...
I started to clean again here and there she went into my room and was playing with my shoes coming in and out with a different pair on each time...When i got into my room and went into the closet where she had been i look down and find a huge art work project she had put on the floor with ( PERMANENT MARKER) i yell out "AGAIN TATUM REALLY...!!" She then comes in the room and looks at what she had done and says "Pretty mommy" Ohhhhhh boy by this time i am so upset but don't know what to say or do.. So i go and get some cleaner which i will post in a photo and started to clean up the mess. Thank goodness it came out thanks to my quick thinking but oh man it was crazy. 
After that she went down for a nap and i then took a huge breath lol!!! finally a little time to relax. So what did i do i got on to my blog and was loving it :) 
When daddy got home from work she helped me make dinner before i left for ZUMBA CLASS she loves helping me make anything in the kitchen :) 
BOTTOM LINE IS: I love her no matter what she does i understand kids will be kids. 
p.s ( all of the markers in our house are now out of reach ) 

Here is a photo of what i used to get permanent marker out of my carpet and off my coffee table!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today is a new day a new start to a great everything!

Today will be my first post on my blog i am so exited to be finally starting this chapter in my life there is such much happening at this time i would love to share the changes in my life with you the good the bad and the ugly so if you can handle it i will post it because i am all about the honesty and the being real and true to not just myself but to others as well. so here we go! 

So today has been a pretty lazy day for me so far i have been just working on my blog that i am so exited to learn more and more about! my oldest woke up about 8am and came in to tell me that Dozer our dog had pooped on the floor she then went into the bathroom and grabbed a small amount of toilet paper and went out into the hallway, as i sat there and was listening to what i knew was about to happen.. All of the sudden she started to gag and came close to puking i then could not help myself as i started to laugh because she came running into my room saying "i cant do it mommy ewwww poo" (she is 2). I then knew i had to get up to clean up yet another mess from our dog that is mostly potty trained but had yet another issue on the floor lol! All i can say is thank goodness for pet remover spray for carpets it has became my friend while training our puppy that i might add who is a English Mastiff that is now 11 weeks old :)  over all it has been not to bad of a day my oldest Tatum (2) has been watching a movie in the front room and my youngest Jaelee (2 months) has been sitting with mommy while i have been playing on the computer :) I just got a call from my hubby josh saying he might be sent home today because of the crazy WIND that is taking place today! i have not seen it blow this hard in a long time so we shall see maybe he will help me clean up the house today i would hope lol because tonight i am going to my ZUMBA i dont know if you have heard about this new CRAZZ but i have to say for only having my baby almost 3 months ago i am proud to say i am in a advanced class doing it for a hour on tuesdays and thursdays and i love it!!! it is so much fun and i dont even feel i am working out exept for the sweating part but im not complaining about that lol! so far i have lost a total of 35 lbs! and i am going to continue to do it because i love it and i hope the pounds just melt away! So moving on to a different subject last night we had one of my hubbys friends over to hang out and watch football with Josh and I. It was a fun night and ok so Josh bought these new kind of mouse traps that are just like a huge sticker and the poor mice get stuck on it and cant move therefore getting rid of the problem of the mice we have at our house this year :) but might i say i think these mouse traps are not good i do not recomend them one bit! i am all for the old mouse traps that SNAP!! because the stickers do not kill the mice they sit there and SQUEAL last night we cought a total of 8 mice in less than 5 hours!!! that is just CRAZY! but yes seeing they do not die the options for the mice is to be starved to death or killed a different way. so yes Josh did that part as i wanted NOTHING to do with that!! I really feel so bad for them all i wish they would just leave our house alone so they do not have to suffer and die :( the poor things... Well sorry to end now but my babys need lunch and so do i. Thank you for reading please let me know what you think so far lol i swear there is so much more where this came from! 

The End: { SHANNON }