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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

R.I.P Kevin Mcdaniel

A few days ago i found out that a good friend of mine had passed away. His name was Kevin Mcdaniel he was such a happy guy super hyper and always cracking jokes at people or himself. he and i knew each other ever since we were young we would go to Classic Skating Roller Skating Rink as kids, And Snowball together lol. 
I had got married in 03 and had not heard from him until late in 2004 where we met up again at a friends house, my friend had mentioned Kevin was going to be there. I was so exited to see him again he had always been a good friend. When i got there and walked out back to see him he gave me a huge hug and we started to talk about life. 
We stayed close from then on because of the friends we hung out with 
We decided to start dating and see where i took us, So we started to hang out more going camping in the middle of nowhere, (sleeping in the back of his truck) i was so cold that night lol! to going to the bars on weekends to hanging out at friends house's 
We would be over at friends houses and want to just be alone so we would go out to his truck and just listen to music and talk it was nice he was never to forward with me because he knew i just got divorced. It did get more physical as time went on and it kinda made things weird for us so we decided to just be close friends, and i was totally fine with it. We then again went our seperate ways and he ended up getting into trouble quite often, and would call me here and there wanting me to pick him up from Chili's because he had been drinking so i would, i had no problem lol. 
last i knew he had settled down with a Great girl and they had a Beautiful baby boy that i believe is less than a year now. And i was so happy for him to be Cleaned up and Happy again! 

3 days ago i got a text message from a girlfriend of mine saying that he has passed away in his sleep. I asked her how and this is what she had told me.
"Kevin had been in a car crash with a friend and had to have a few surgeries on his brain he was ok but was never the same old Kevin, she said "i think his brain and heart had to much to take anymore. he talked to nick (her hubby) the night before it happened and he was saying he was not feel to good, next thing she knew he had passed away..." 
 his girlfriend found him the next day. :(
My heart goes out to his girlfriend Vivian and there little boy and his family at this time as it will be hard for them, please keep them in your prayers that they will stay strong knowing he is still in there hearts and is watching over them always. Vivian has a piece of Kevin still in her little boy every time she looks at him i hope she can find peace. knowing he is in heaven and they will see each other again someday. 


  1. that is sooo sad! i remember vivian now too, it is a small world for those who went to classic lol! rip kevin and sorry for ur loss vivian payton and all of kevins family!

  2. What a heart breaking story. So sorry to hear about your loss! Sending my prayers to you and his family!

    New follower from Bloggy Moms


  3. The car accident was a few years ago but I was there that night, I remember when it happened.. that's what started all his head injury issues.. but he was supposed to recover just fine. I hate this feeling that I have, I feel as though if he had one more surgery, or seen the doctor one more time, they could have fixed this. They could have helped him recover better. I just.. i'm speechless. I have a hard time putting my feelings into words but I know that my heart is broken for the family. I'm so scared for the viewing and funeral I'm sick. I just can't think of words to express how sorry I truly am.

  4. Yes Heather it is a small world i feel so bad for Viv and Payton and family as well his brother too :( It will be a rough day tomorrow...
    Megan thank you so much for your kind words every little bit helps.
    Whitley i will be there for you tomorrow it was when we all started hanging out at Tonys house when he and i were together it is so hard wow it will be tough tomorrow but for the support of the family i would not miss it. sleep well hun see you and nick tomorrow at 1pm