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Friday, November 19, 2010



So today was weigh in for me and i wanted to talk a little about my before baby's weight first.
Before i had kids i was tight and tone and i was weighing in at 145lbs that was a good size for me ya i prob could have been a little smaller but for my body it was normal weight.
after i had my 1st baby i got up to 190lbs and after i lost the baby weight i stayed around the weight of 170 to 175lbs. When i got pregnant this last year right before i had her i reached my highest weight of 200lbs. now i am proud to say that i am back down to...............*167lbs* that is lower than my last weight after baby #1. So if i lose 42lbs my goal weight is 125lbs but i would settle for 130lbs. So follow me and watch me shrink because baby today is the day it all starts :) i am dedicated and i am ready to be healthy. please let me know if you are doing a weight loss challenge as well. Tell me your goal weight and the things you are going to do to get there!  


  1. OMG! You are doing so good! How did you lose so much so fast? When we talked a couple weeks ago your numbers were way different! I MUST KNOW YOUR SECRET!! It seems like if I focus on school my weight loss suffers and if i focus on weight loss my school suffers. Ugh! Well what ever you're doing it's working great, congrats again!

  2. thanks Meg i have done a low carb for a while until i guess shank my tummy inside and now i am just not that hungry so now that i cut out all candy's and sweets and junk i can only eat like a sandwich and i have only had water too. and that helps a ton! i am going to start tummy toning too now when i am not going to zumba and i will measure my tummy tonight so i can weigh and measure each Friday. keep it up Meg you are doing great when will you be able to come back to Zumba. Ceci is having her birthday tonight do you have time to go ??? its at 9 to 12 in salt lake its FREE!!

  3. just be careful shan, that's like 33lbs in 2 weeks and that's not healthy!! Losing weight isn't worth sacrificing your health! I'm gonna try to fit some Zumba in next week, but it all just depends... definitely in December I'll be back! I don't have time to go tonight :( Have fun though, send her my Bday wishes and have fun yourself! Shake your moneymaker for me, god knows I'm not brave enough to do it in public!! :)

  4. Wow, 33 lbs in two weeks? Whatttt? Are you sure? That definitely is not healthy! Be careful! Seriously! I want to come Zumba again too sometime.

  5. no lol from day 1 of having jaelee i have lost the current weight lol. trust me i am good lol i eat meals i am not doing the low carb thing i only lost 9 on that while i was on it but its all the zumba i believe that and eating better :) so from aug 30 to yesterday weighing in at 167 so thats really not bad :)