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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today is a new day a new start to a great everything!

Today will be my first post on my blog i am so exited to be finally starting this chapter in my life there is such much happening at this time i would love to share the changes in my life with you the good the bad and the ugly so if you can handle it i will post it because i am all about the honesty and the being real and true to not just myself but to others as well. so here we go! 

So today has been a pretty lazy day for me so far i have been just working on my blog that i am so exited to learn more and more about! my oldest woke up about 8am and came in to tell me that Dozer our dog had pooped on the floor she then went into the bathroom and grabbed a small amount of toilet paper and went out into the hallway, as i sat there and was listening to what i knew was about to happen.. All of the sudden she started to gag and came close to puking i then could not help myself as i started to laugh because she came running into my room saying "i cant do it mommy ewwww poo" (she is 2). I then knew i had to get up to clean up yet another mess from our dog that is mostly potty trained but had yet another issue on the floor lol! All i can say is thank goodness for pet remover spray for carpets it has became my friend while training our puppy that i might add who is a English Mastiff that is now 11 weeks old :)  over all it has been not to bad of a day my oldest Tatum (2) has been watching a movie in the front room and my youngest Jaelee (2 months) has been sitting with mommy while i have been playing on the computer :) I just got a call from my hubby josh saying he might be sent home today because of the crazy WIND that is taking place today! i have not seen it blow this hard in a long time so we shall see maybe he will help me clean up the house today i would hope lol because tonight i am going to my ZUMBA i dont know if you have heard about this new CRAZZ but i have to say for only having my baby almost 3 months ago i am proud to say i am in a advanced class doing it for a hour on tuesdays and thursdays and i love it!!! it is so much fun and i dont even feel i am working out exept for the sweating part but im not complaining about that lol! so far i have lost a total of 35 lbs! and i am going to continue to do it because i love it and i hope the pounds just melt away! So moving on to a different subject last night we had one of my hubbys friends over to hang out and watch football with Josh and I. It was a fun night and ok so Josh bought these new kind of mouse traps that are just like a huge sticker and the poor mice get stuck on it and cant move therefore getting rid of the problem of the mice we have at our house this year :) but might i say i think these mouse traps are not good i do not recomend them one bit! i am all for the old mouse traps that SNAP!! because the stickers do not kill the mice they sit there and SQUEAL last night we cought a total of 8 mice in less than 5 hours!!! that is just CRAZY! but yes seeing they do not die the options for the mice is to be starved to death or killed a different way. so yes Josh did that part as i wanted NOTHING to do with that!! I really feel so bad for them all i wish they would just leave our house alone so they do not have to suffer and die :( the poor things... Well sorry to end now but my babys need lunch and so do i. Thank you for reading please let me know what you think so far lol i swear there is so much more where this came from! 

The End: { SHANNON }

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