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Thursday, November 18, 2010

So much to do plan for So little time.....

wow is there a lot to do or is it just me..

Gosh it seems like there is a lot to do these days for me i am hardly home at nights if its not zumba its Photo Shoots if not those its something else :) i really don't mind but with the holidays creeping up its all starting to be deadlines. 
I have 5 shoots lined up before the end of December i cant wait for them because they will all be fun i have a huge family shoot i am doing on BLACK FRIDAY for a close friend of mine. And i got some cool things lined up for it too!

On black Friday i am going shopping with some friends at like 2am wow looks like i will be going to bed at like 8pm at the latest i hope i can fall asleep lol. Although i don't have much money for that day it will still be fun just to get together and hang out! Because i don't get to see them to often so i will take what i can get.

I have (zero) Christmas shopping done o.m.g can i just tell you this is the most stressful thing lol and with bills that need to be paid and stuff that needs fixing i don't know how we will do it but it always seems to work out so i am exited i know of a few items i will be asking (Santa) for so i am exited. I mostly am exited for my 2 kids Tatum who is 3 in February is going to love Christmas this year i would not care if i got NOTHING for Christmas just to watch my girls enjoy it would make my whole day! 

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